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Title: “In January, It’s So Nice...”
Author: elementalv
Rating: G
Notes/Spoilers: A very brief Wee!chester based on a line from 5X13, “The Song Remains the Same”
Summary: Dean reads, Sam argues.


“‘In January it’s so nice while slipping on the sliding ice to sip hot tomato soup with —’”

“Nuh-unh,” Sammy says.

“Shut up and let me read,” Dean tells him. “‘— to sip hot tomato soup with rice. Sip —’”

“Dean! It doesn’t say that!” Sammy tugs on Dean’s arm so he can point at the word in the book. “Tomato isn’t spelled like that.”

“What do you know? You can’t read.”

“Can too,” he says. “Tomato starts with a T and then a O and then a M and then a —”

Dean sighs heavily. “Yeah, okay. The book says chicken —”

“C and H make a ‘ch’ sound?” Sammy bites his lips as he thinks about it.

“Yeah, but that’s not the point.”

“What is the point?” Sammy asks, like he’s eight years old instead of four, like he knows anywhere near as much as Dean does, even if he did learn to read before he’s even set foot inside a school.

“The point is that in our family, it’s tomato soup with rice, not chicken soup with rice.”

“How come?”

Sammy looks up at Dean with eyes that are way too big for his face, his cheeks still pink from a fever that only went away that morning. And Dean thinks back to when Mommy — Mom — was still alive, to when she used to hold him close if he didn’t feel good, to when she’d feed him tomato soup with rice, just like her mommy did when she was Dean’s age. There’s not much Dean remembers of those days, try as he might to hold onto it, but tomato soup with rice is one of those things. If they’d had any in the cupboard, he would have made it for Sammy to help him feel better, but they didn’t, and Dad said to make do.

Dean can’t say any of that, can’t explain to Sammy that changing a word in a book is the only way he could think of to “make do,” so instead, he tells him, “It just is, okay?”

It’s Sammy’s turn to sigh. “Okay.”

“Good.” Dean tugs Sammy a little closer and starts again. “‘In January it’s so nice while slipping on the sliding ice to sip hot tomato soup with —’”
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