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This is actually something I can do that's relatively pain-free, now that my Web site is updated. Am I bragging about that? Um...yes. Not that I have much right to, considering it was my own fault it fell so far behind to begin with, but hell. It was a lot of work to get it updated, and even though I still need to do more work, the worst of it is over.

Note that the links below (38, all together, which is kind of weird, because I didn't think I was that productive in 2009) lead to Elemental Vision rather than to LJ or Dreamwidth. This is a mirror of a post at LJ.

2009 Fic Round-up

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Clear View
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along. — Rumi
PG • March 29, 2009 • Slash (Wesley/Angel)


Situational Ethics
There’s a case of mistaken identity when Darryl Van Horne sees Ray Kowalski in Eastwick.
R • November 4, 2009 • Eastwick/dS • Slash (Van Horne/Kowalski)

In Media Res
In Dean’s experience, all interrogation rooms were pretty much the same: furniture from when Eisenhower was President, shitty one-way mirror and the stench of stale cigarettes and fear.
PG-13 • September 1, 2009 • SPN/SGA

Sierra Alpha At The Delta
While Juliet is a misnomer of epic proportions — or it should be — Claire believes it suits their newest Active.
G • February 19, 2009

Five Interviews Murphy Brown Never Conducted
See the title.
PG • February 5, 2009

due South

Promises To Keep
“The woods are lovely, dark and deep.”
PG-13 • December 24, 2009 • Slash (Fraser/Kowalski)

Ray knows how to make it worth Benny’s while.
NC-17 • December 24, 2009 • Slash (Vecchio/Fraser)

9:23 a.m.
Ray is, frankly, fucking desperate.
NC-17 • December 17, 2009 • Slash (Fraser/Kowalski)

Stargate: Atlantis

Road To Athos
Atlantis Studios announces a new “Road” movie.
G • December 24, 2009

Snapshots of a Slow and Certain Seduction
When Evan arrived in the lab, he expected to find McKay there, still bitching about radiation exposure (which absolutely wasn’t Evan’s fault, no matter what McKay said), so he was surprised to hear Dr. Zelenka say, “So beautiful.”
PG-13 • December 24, 2009 • Slash (Lorne/Zelenka)

Sometimes, it sucks to be John, and this is one of those times, damn it.
PG-13 • December 23, 2009 • Slash (McKay/Sheppard)

Some demands are more difficult than others.
G • November 15, 2009

“Broken. Dick”
R • September 11, 2009 • Slash (McKay/Sheppard)

Cantando More (The Ode To Sheppard’s Cock Remix)
Katak will prove himself worthy of Colonel’s affections.
R • July 12, 2009 • Slash (Katak/Sheppard)

John is weirdly grateful to Carson for waiting until just before dinner to remove the bandages.
PG • April 29, 2009 • Slash (McKay/Sheppard)

John has always been willing to pay the price for his career and to keep his people safe, but he’s just found the one price he’s not sure he can afford.
PG-13 • April 26, 2009 • Pre-slash (McKay/Sheppard)

Fruit of the Vine
Teyla was just fourteen the first time she overindulged in ruus wine.
PG • April 12, 2009

Alone Together
McKay was already a complete dick when it came to John’s sex life. If he ever found out how pathetic it was in reality, John would have to terminate him. With extreme prejudice.
R • April 7, 2009 • Slash (McKay/Sheppard)

John doesn't mind Afghanistan.
R • March 15, 2009 • Slash (Sumner/Sheppard)

Second Story
Everything changed.
PG • March 14, 2009

For Values Of Success
“He’s my boyfriend.” Sheppard’s voice was casual and friendly, in direct contrast to his hand, which gripped Rodney’s neck, and it hurt, damn it.
PG • February 19, 2009 • Slash (McKay/Sheppard)

Blanket Permission
The first time Sheppard all but shoved Rodney out of his own bed to make room, Rodney woke up only enough to slur, “The fuck?”
PG • February 11, 2009 • Pre-slash (McKay/Sheppard)

The Math Of Rodney
John runs the numbers.
R • January 22, 2009 • Slash (McKay/Sheppard)

Teldy has news, Sheppard has issues, and McKay might get his wish. In more or less that order.
R • January 16, 2009 • Slash (McKay/Sheppard)

One Down
McKay found him just as he started puking, and didn’t that beat all for timing?
PG • January 9, 2009

Secret Life Of Computers [SGA/Apple Ads Fusion]

So Happy Together
“Hi!” JNSH670105 said. “I’m a Mac.”
G • January 26, 2009

Make New Friends
JNSH670105 hates force quit, alien devices are alien, and RDMC680418 is impatient.
G • January 30, 2009

New Model
RDMC680418 doesn’t have time for this.
G • February 8, 2009


Eyes Wide Open
The thing about Cas, Dean has learned, is that he doesn’t make decisions quickly, but once they’re made, he jumps in with both feet, eyes wide open.
NC-17 • November 23, 2009 • Slash (Dean/Castiel)

Nights With Dark Satin
Dean has known forever that he likes guys.
R • November 2, 2009 • Genderfuck (Dean/Castiel)

Out And About
Castiel has a bad start to the weekend; Dean makes it better.
PG-13 • November 1, 2009 • Slash (Dean/Castiel), AU

Getting A Word In Edgewise
They stumble across God at 4:16 on a Friday afternoon in a park that sits along the edge of Lake St. Clair.
PG-13 • October 21, 2009

Thinking Outside The Box
Zachariah hates humans.
PG • October 3, 2009

It’s not that Castiel particularly wants to have sex.
R • September 27, 2009 • Slash (Dean/Castiel)

Finding Vonnegut
Dean will deny it to his dying breath (and has, come to think of it), but the truth is that more than crappy motels even, libraries feel like home to him.
PG • September 18, 2009

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